Buying Influence, Inc.

801 W. 47th Street, #110, Kansas City, MO, 64112

Phone: (816) 931-7896 | Fax: (816) 931-4617
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Principal Staff:

Maria Kunstadter, CEO and Founder
Linda Eakes, Executive Director

Type of Organization: National Grassroots/Advocacy
Founded: 2005

Mission Statement:

Buying Influence, Inc. is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization seeking to guide consumers to harness their buying power so that corporations make more socially responsible business decisions. We are engineering a new paradigm called cause spending. With every dollar you spend, you, the consumer, can choose to support a company that mirrors your causes and values. Collectively, informed consumers can be a powerful tool for change.

Subject Expertise:
Consumer education so that people can spend their money with companies who support their values.

Annual Meetings/Conferences: