International Black Women for Wages for Housework

P.O.Box 86681, Los Angeles, CA, 90086

Phone: (323) 276-9833 | Fax: (323) 276-9833
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Principal Staff:

Type of Organization: National Grassroots/Advocacy
Founded: 1975

Mission Statement:
We campaign for recognition and compensation for unwaged and low-waged work, in the home, on the land, in the community, places of worship, rural and urban areas, for the environment and more. We make visible the work women do protecting our communities and building movements for justice which  campaign against sexism and racism, cuts to benefits and welfare, for an end to rape and other forms of sexual abuse; oppose immigration & asylum laws, police illegalities, and other forms of discrimination faced by  our diverse communities which depend on our care.

Subject Expertise:
Economic equality/justice, employment/workplace, international, multicultural and public policy

Annual Meetings/Conferences: