Women Waging Peace – Hunt Alternatives Fund

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Website: http://www.huntalternatives.org/pages/82_women_waging_peace_network.cfm

Principal Staff:
Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Chair of The Institute for Inclusive Security and president of Hunt Alternatives Fund
Evelyn Thorton, Chief Executive Officer

Type of Organization:
Founded: 1999

Mission Statement:
The Institute for Inclusive Security includes The Women Waging Peace Network, a network of women peacemakers from conflict areas around the world, ranging from Sudan to Sri Lanka, Colombia to Bosnia, the Middle East to Sierra Leone. The Network was launched in 1999 to connect these women with each other and with policy shapers.

Subject Expertise:
Conflict prevention, conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation, security, refugees and IDPs, transitional justice, rule of law, democracy, governance and political participation and post-conflict reconstruction

Annual Meetings/Conferences: