Peace X Peace

1776 I Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20006

Phone: (877) 684-3770 | Fax: (703) 391-2651
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Principal Staff:

Kimberly Weichel, Chief Executive Officer
Mary L. Liepold, Editor-in-Chief
Yasmina Mrabet, Director, Connection Point initiative & Web Content Editor

Type of Organization: National Grassroots/Advocacy
Founded: 2002

Mission Statement:

PEACE X PEACE (pronounced “peace by peace”) empowers women as the most effective means to enrich lives locally and promote peace globally. We connect women’s groups (“Circles”) in the United States with women’s Circles everywhere in the world—directly via the Internet—for the exchange of information and personal experiences that typically result in mutually supportive actions.

Subject Expertise:
International women’s issues

Annual Meetings/Conferences: