The WAGE Project

148 Fuller St., Brookline, MA, 02446

Phone: (617) 731-3128 | Fax: (617) 566-5345
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Principal Staff:

Evelyn Murphy, PhD, President
Jennifer Jackman, Ph.D., Program Director
Jessica Copeland

Type of Organization: National Policy/Research/Education
Founded: 2004

Mission Statement:

In August 2003, WAGE was incorporated as a charitable organization in Massachusetts. It received 501c3 status from the IRS in March 2004. WAGE was founded for one purpose: to end gender discrimination in the American workplace. Its goal is to eliminate the gender wage gap in the near future.
To achieve its purpose, WAGE will provide four services: (1) educate working women about the financial consequences of the gender wage gap for themselves and their families, and encourage them to act on behalf of themselves and other women while supporting their actions; (2) educate and train working women to negotiate for salaries and other financial benefits which they are due; (3) advise CEOs of businesses, nonprofit institutions, and public agencies how to ensure they are paying and promoting women employees fairly; and (4) report on the status of the wage gap and age discrimination throughout America. The founder and President of WAGE is Evelyn Murphy. Ms. Murphy, a Ph.D. economist and former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, is writing a book entitled Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men and What To Do So We Will to be published in October 2005 by Simon & Schuster. WAGE is interested in joining the NCWO in order to coordinate our work to improve women’s wages with other women’s organizations.

Subject Expertise:
The main priority of WAGE is elimination of the wage gap between female and male workers. WAGE seeks to achieve this goal by educating women workers about their rights, how much money they should be making, and how other women have taken action to end wage disparities. The soon-to-be-released book, Getting Even, and website,, which is still under development, are the organization’s initial strategies.

Annual Meetings/Conferences: