Women for Afghan Women

158-24 73rd Ave., Fresh Meadows, NY 11366-1024

Phone: (718) 591-2434 | Fax: (718) 591-2430
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Website: http://www.womenforafghanwomen.org/

Principal Staff:
Manizha Naderi, Director

Type of Organization:
Founded: 2001

Mission Statement:
Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is an organization of Afghan and non-Afghan women from the New York area who are committed to ensuring the human rights of Afghan women.
WAW promotes the agency of local Afghan women through the creation of safe forums where Afghan women can network, develop programs to meet their specific needs, and participate in human rights advocacy in the international sphere.
WAW raises funds for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, particularly schools and health facilities for women and children. Recognizing that the ability to earn their living is fundamental to the empowerment of women, WAW supports the development of vocational training programs for women in Afghanistan who have been denied access to education and professional training.
The inclusion of women in all decision-making processes is a requirement of a democratic society. WAW advocates for the representation of women in all areas of life in Afghanistan: political, social, cultural and economic.

Subject Expertise:
International and multicultural

Annual Meetings/Conferences: