Experts Provide Parents TV Tips for Dealing With Excess Summer TV Watching

July 14, 2009
Darrell Rogers
Smart Television Alliance
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Summer is Here With More Television Channels for Better and for Worse Experts provide parents TV tips for dealing with excess summer TV watching (Washington, DC – July 14, 2009) The average American household receives 118 cable television channels and the new digital over the air television signal now allows people without cable to view more than twice as many television channels as before. “Now is a perfect time for families to think about their televisions and be honest about who controls who in that relationship,” said Susan Scanlan, Co-Chair of the Smart Television Alliance, and Chair of the National Coalition of Women’s Organizations. Parents can feel like they are under attack from the electronic devices in their homes, the TV, Internet, cell phones, and gaming systems but hiding from them is the worst thing to do. With this explosion of viewing options, how do you know what’s on, what’s good for your family, and how do you make sure your kids are watching the good stuff on TV? The Smart Television Alliance has teamed up with some of the most respected organizations and experts in the country to provide parents tools, resources, and a campaign to take back control of their televisions. Dr. David Walsh (waiting for confirmation), president of the National Institute on Media and the Family: “Parents have to be more involved, take the lead and think about the television programs their family is watching. Ask yourselves, ’Is this good for my kids’? The Smart Television Alliance is dedicated to providing parents what they need to make healthy television viewing decisions in their homes”. Television is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. It can educate, inspire, and entertain us. At the same time, the alarming increase in violence, indecency, and sexual content on TV sends our children a very different message -- one that undermines the positive values parents and caregivers are trying to instill in young people today. Change starts at home and STA is working with parents to make sure they are part of the movement to get families to take control of their televisions. 3 Tips for parents on how deal with summer television viewing: (1) Have a Plan - Reduce Impulse TV Watching • Find and select great kids programs on TV by visiting the STA Smart Summer Campaign • Schedule your family’s TV time by using cable channel guides or locating quality programs online (2) Take Control - Use technology to your advantage • Use your TiVo, DVR, or On Demand as a library for great television the family can view on your schedule (3) Make it Educational – Use Great TV to Learn • Quality programs and specific episodes can assist in learning concepts and skills • Complement a child’s learning by viewing movies, documentaries, and programs on their interested subjects

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About Smart Television Alliance (STA) The Smart Television Alliance is a coalition of national nonprofit organizations united by a shared commitment to improving what our nation’s children watch on television. STA is committed to guiding parents in understanding that smart television watching is not just about elimination – they can control their televisions and give their children a balance of educational and entertaining programming. Their mission is to help parents and caregivers use technology, online tools, and program recommendations from trusted children’s media experts to make smart television viewing choices. By promoting the viewing of educational and informational programming, STA will build a market for more high quality children’s TV shows.