Global Women’s Issues Taskforce

The Task Force seeks to facilitate understanding and activism around global women's issues by informing and mobilizing US women to take action in Congress, the Administration, the UN and with the media on advancing women's concerns globally. The Task Force's Global Issue Priorities are: CEDAW, International Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Women in Conflict Situations (Afghanistan, Iraq and others), Women's Political Participation and Violence Against Women.The US makes numerous policy decisions that affect women's lives in all corners of the earth. Therefore, it is imperative that US women raise our collective voices to fight for women's rights globally! Moreover, by engaging in international human rights for all, we want to leverage the US government to implement more comprehensive laws and policies for women's equality in the United States.

Task Force Chair
Elaine Zuckerman

Task Force Activities
Our organizations have committed to monthly e-mail announcements to inform NCWO members about important developments in the arena of global women's issues. We know it is difficult to be informed on all aspects of women's rights at home and abroad, that is why we want to help bridge this gap between domestic and international women's issues by providing you with updates, sign-on letters and actions your organizations can join.