Corporate Accountability Taskforce

The Corporate Accountability Task Force grew in part out of our work to open Augusta National Golf Club to women. During that action, we learned that CEOs of many Fortune 500 companies are practicing sex discrimination in their use of a club that excludes women from informal, but very important, business networks. We have heard from many, many women in the companies involved (see the Coroporate Accountability web page) and learned that sex discrimination in corporate America is widespread. Our goal with the Task Force is to bring about change within companies that will level the playing field for women through facilitating class action lawsuits as well as bringing shareholder resolutions and urging voluntary change.

The Task Force also addresses corporate irresponsibility in other areas such as the marketing of violent and misogynous video games and urging the FDA to keep products such as silicone gel breast implants that are dangerous to women's health off the market.

The Corporate Accountability Task Force is directed by Martha Burk. To learn more about the Project’s work, please go to their website