Center of Concern - Global Women's Project

1225 Otis St., NE, Washington, DC 20017

Phone: (202) 635-2757| Fax: (202) 832-9494
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Principal Staff:

Julia Wartenberg, Director
Maria Riley, Senior Advisor

Type of Organization: Nonprofit
Founded: 1971

Mission Statement:
Rooted in Catholic social tradition, the Center of Concern works collaboratively to create a world where economic and social systems guarantee basic rights, uphold human dignity, promote sustainable livelihoods, and renew Earth.

Subject Expertise:
Women and the Global Economy, The Care Economy/Care Crisis, Global Hunger and Food Security, Transformative Social Protection

Key Publications:
Wartenberg, Julia. "Human Well-Being at the Heart of Economics."
Wartenberg, Julia. "What's Wrong with the GDP."
Riley, Maria. "Seeing the World Anew."
Wartenberg, Julia. "The Implications of the Work-Life Conflict in the United States."