Vision 2020

2900 W. Queen Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone: (215) 991-8190

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Organization Website:

Principle Staff: Lynn H. Yeakel, MSM, Founder, Executive Director, Rosemarie B. Greco, Co-Chair, Catherine Ormerod, MSS, MSLP, Directtor of National Programs and Relationships, Mary Flannery Director of Communications, Carolyn Lynch, Vision 2020, Project Coordinator, Terra Johnson, Communications Coordinator

 Founded: 2009

Members: 25+ organizations

Mission Statement: Vision 2020 honors the centennial of the 19th Amendment by calling together a congress of women leaders to meet, celebrate and map out an action agenda that promotes women's leadership and gender equality and which is enacted in the years between 2010 and the centennial of women's right to vote in 2020. 

Subject Expertise: Women's Leadership

Key Publications: Website