Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation

422 Bryn Mawr Ave., Bala Cynwyd, PA,19004

Phone: (610) 667-7757, 888-750-4377 | Fax: (610) 667-8096

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Principal Staff:

Nora W. Coffey, President

Rick Schweikert, Program Director

Irene Park, Office Administrator

Founded: 1982

Mission Statement:

HERS is the only independent non-profit organization solely dedicated to the issue of educating the public about the alternatives to and consequences of hysterectomy.  Since HERS was established in 1982, we have counseled over 850,000 women.  HERS provides counseling by telephone, annual  conferences, referral to physicians, a Newsletters, and a video about female anatomy and the functions of the female organs.

Subject Expertise:
Hysterectomy, alternatives to surgery, and the information requisite to informed consent.

Annual Meetings/Conferences:

Membership Type: Organizational

Key Publications: Newsletter, multi-lingual information brochure, anatomy video, The H Word (New book)

Organization's IRS Tax Status: 501 (c)3